Why Does Ossan race 100% distance?

I enjoy F1 2019, sometimes broadcasting at my channel on YouTube. Its main contents are reports for Career Mode ,and whenever I play Career Mode, the race distance is 100%. 100% distance is quite hard for everyone including me of course. It takes about more than one and half an hour to finish one race. While driving, I can’t take any rest sitting on a chair at the same position.

trueness of 100% race distance

Simply saying, it is REAL. One day, I finished the fifth GP in Spain taking about 2 hours. In some ways, it was pretty tough for middle aged Ossan. Of course I am busy working everyday from early morning to late at night. So, I have few chances to play video games for 2 straight hours in weekly days. And once start racing, I am forced to sit on a chair until completing the race. I can stop racing with one click and start it again. Though it is very easy to do, I dare not do it because it’s not real. Two hours driving damaged my knee, elbow and every part of my body. So, I finally bought a chair for gaming.

more happenings in a 100% race

During a two-hours race, many things, sometimes good or other times bad, I can experience. Let me talk about a very exciting race in Spain the other day.
I am driving for McLaren, which challenges for the 4th position after the top three Mercedes, Ferrari and RedBull.
The result for qualifying day was 7th following 6 drivers of the top three. I was quite satisfied with this result. My team and I had a big chance to get some points for the race.
All signals blacked out, and all the machines kicked the downhills in front of the main stand of the circuit to the turn 1. The first turn 1 is always very dangerous to make us retire from a race. Especially in a game, AI drivers can battle each other so ingeniously but I surrounded by such drivers put myself under great pressure. To contact the other cars means to be away from a race. At this time, I could do well at the corner and keep my position 7th.

In a few laps, Max could not pace up in front of me and made a long train behind him. It was very dangerous situation that I had a risk to crush into Max and be crush by the driver running behind me. I tried to pass him and made a spin out of track. I was passed by all the drivers and luckily I could make myself on a track again without critical damage but I lost my position and a race itself.

I had to stop to repair the front wing and change the soft tire into the hard one with a little hope to get my position recovered. The race had just started only 3 laps. There were more than 63 laps left and I had no hope to recover my race and get some points. However, I didn’t give up, never. It was a chance to enjoy 100% distance full of drama.